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Tech Saturday: Kwikset Fingerprint Locks

Jan 11, 2020 11:00:00 AM

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, NV, Kwikset introduced a new kind of technology. They have combined fingerprint and smart lock tech, effectively merging two worlds with the Halo Touch smart lock.


One of the locks most notable features is the ability to program and store up to 100 fingerprints or a maximum of 50 users. This ensures that each family member will have the ability to access the home. Further, it will be Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing the user to connect through a smartphone or smart home. Alexa and Google Assistant are both compatible with the lock.

Although the tech seems advanced, it features a simple design. It comes in two different designs. The contemporary design, which is basically a rectangle, and a traditional design, which probably looks like exactly what you have on your front door now. These will also come in different finishes as well. The contemporary will have a Satin Nickel and Iron Black finish, while the traditional will have a Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze finish.







Most of the best smart locks on the market require some sort of hub, like the August smart lock. The Kwikset smart lock doesn’t have a hub and stores all data in the lock itself. This means no data is stored on the cloud, minimizing the risk of cyber security incidents. It also comes with a physical copy of a key as a fail safe.

The Bottom Line

This lock is an extremely exciting and great innovation, however, it’s important to keep some things in mind. Kwikset has been creating smart locks for a decade now, but just created it’s first Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock last year. This could signify that they have had time to iron out any kinks or vice versa.

Next, it’s on the more expensive side of smart locks, and it’s suggested retail price is $249. However, you won’t need to purchase a smart hub for this device. This makes that high price tag much more reasonable.

Lastly, it doesn’t have a set release date. Kwikset expects a release sometime in 2020, but has not hinted as to when. We could be waiting on this lock for a few months at least.

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