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The AG Update: Ep. 35

Dec 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Robots Monitor New Traffic Laws, 5G and it's Affect on IoT, How Dealers Stay Relevant in The Market, And Much More...

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  1. Robots Monitor New Traffic Laws
  2. 5G And it's Affect on IoT
  3. How Dealers Can Stay Relevant in a Changing Security Market


Robots Monitor New Traffic Laws

New technology has lead to new laws in Finland. 6 years ago, Fins did away with traffic patrol officers and roads have never been safer. As of June 2020, automatic systems will be able to monitor things like mobile phone and seat belt use for the first time through the use of such things as drones.

As of 2019, the Finnish government budgeted about 52 million euros for traffic monitoring. Has this investment paid off? It would appear so, as the cameras already in place have brought in tens of millions of euros for the government.

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5G and it's Effect on IoT

When 5G finally fully comes to fruition, it is going to change millions of IoT devices. By bringing better coverage across the network as well as faster connection speeds, 5G will allow for newer and more valuable communications. Communications from surveillance cameras and security systems to alarm monitoring centers would be streamlined.

5G would especially impact personal emergency response systems as well. This can’t come soon enough, especially since research suggests that IoT devices next year will jump from 6.6 billion to 30 billion devices.

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How Dealers can Stay Relevant in a Changing Security Market

The security market is constantly changing and dealers have to be adaptable and be able to maneuver in this ever-changing landscape. DIY might feel like a death march for many dealers in the security monitoring business, but it doesn’t have to be. The majority of the industry still requires professionals to do most work.

As a dealer, if you’re offering the best quality in installation or products, then don’t be afraid to price yourself that way, either. Yes, it’s good to be competitive when it comes to pricing, but remember, selling your high-quality product and services for low-quality prices will flip your business model upside-down.

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