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5G and its Affect on IoT

Dec 5, 2019 8:00:00 AM

At this year’s annual Total Tech Summit, one of the biggest topics of discussion was IoT and 5G tech. 5G is going to especially impact the PERS and security industries. With many devices still dependent on 2G and 3G networks, which will be shutting down within the next year, 5G is on the horizon and promises to bring better coverage across the network as well as faster connection speeds. Many leaders in the market gathered at Total Tech Summit to discuss the coming technology and how it is going to change the industry.

How 5G is Going to Change Security Monitoring

When 5G finally fully comes to fruition, it is going to change millions of IoT devices. When asked at Total Tech Summit, how that was going to impact integrators, Sean Weiner, CTO of Bravas Group said, “We are going to start integrating Cloud to Cloud instead of local to local.” This means the way devices communicate to one another is going to change drastically.

This also includes how 5G will allow for newer and more valuable communications from surveillance cameras and security systems to alarm monitoring centers. When asked about the value that 5G communications can provide, Moiz Neemuchwala, an innovation leader for Stanely Security said, “Right now there is limited access to [those cameras]. We can see there is significant potential for this solution overall.”

The other big way that the industry is going to change because of 5G is the influx of data that 5G will bring. According to Statista research, it is estimated that by the end of next year, the amount of available IoT devices will go from 6.6 billion to 30 billion. That is a quantum leap in terms of the sheer IoT device growth and expansion.

This growth also means more data available for businesses to analyze. But what does this mean for the customer? David Berndt, Regional VP for Diversified said on the subject, “We’re finding analytics very useful for managed services and service. We can diagnose a problem before it happens, or the service center can respond to it quicker because they understand what’s going on.”

Berndt continued saying that the data that 5G will allow companies and businesses to collect could potentially change the way technology is designed and used. “Because we can analyze and look at the data of what rooms technology is being used, how often and what technology is used, what technology is what used,” said Berndt.

Essentially, with the data that is collected, manufacturers can make better products, that function better and quicker. 5G is going to change the landscape for a handful of different industries. Starting to prepare for those changes now is the best way to stay ahead of the game.

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