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Tech Saturday: Athena

Dec 7, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Athena, a product made by Amaryllo, is the world’s first biometric security camera. The tech seems like something straight from a James Bond movie.

What makes Athena different?

Athena utilizes many different types of features to make it the best camera on the market. It’s the first camera to employ “voiceprint” technology. This technology not only distinguishes a person from their surroundings and background noise but creates a custom audio signature from the sound of the user’s voice.

The camera also consists of algorithms to help Athena recognize and differentiate between objects such as faces, vehicles, fire, pets, and people in real-time. This creates more protection and reduces the risk of false alarms.

Athena also comes equipped with military-grade 256-bit encryption software. This makes it a nearly impossible target for a cyberattack or hacking of any kind.

amaryllo fire warning biometric technologies

The Awards

Athena just recently won the 2020 CES Innovation Award. “At Amaryllo, the goal is to make homeland security safer and more reliable. Athena is an exciting step closer to our vision of bringing fully autonomous homeland security to our customers,” said Amaryllo’s PR Director, Leticia Gogel.

Athena is known as the first biometric security camera, and specifically, the first to include voice print technology. Amaryllo is paving the way for the future of consumer home security with the creation of Athena.

Ares camera uses biometic analytics

The Downside

It isn’t on the market yet. However, you can pre-order this on Amaryllo’s website for as low as $300. Amaryllo offers a plethora of other high-quality cameras as well.

When installed, these cameras not only act as a deterrent but as a method of prevention entirely. Study after study shows that having a surveillance camera system results in crime reduction rates of 50% or more. While autonomation within the security industry continues to grow and progress, keep AvantGuard in mind. Stay up to date with the latest trends, news, and technology in the field.

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