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The AG Update: Ep. 30

Nov 1, 2019 12:00:00 PM

How Owlcam prevents car theft, tips to prevent home invasion, how crash monitoring works, etc...

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  1. How Owlcam Prevents Car Theft
  2. Tips to Prevent Home Invasion
  3. How Crash Monitoring Works


How Owlcam Prevented Car Theft

Owlcam, a leading dashcam in the security industry, helped stop one woman’s car from being robbed. Owlcam works by filming the interior and exterior of the car once motion is detected, and sends a live stream to the user’s phone.

Just recently, a woman received an alert from Owlcam, with a video attachment of a man breaking into her car. The dashcam had turned on a light, surprising the car thief and causing him to quickly leave the car. To find out how AvantGuard can work with DIY security to keep you protected, check out our blog.

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Third Party Monitoring: Tips to Prevent Home Invasion

Having a home security system installed is considered the best way to prevent would-be home invaders. Using third party-monitoring has many benefits, such as being able to contact you away from home, or send dispatch to your house if nobody answers the call.

Another tip to protect your home is by not hiding a key outside. Instead, give a spare key to a trusted person or neighbor.

Lastly, getting outdoor lighting can be a two-factor benefit: it helps you identify criminals at night, and gives the impression that someone is home. All together, using these methods can help prevent home invasions.

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How Crash Monitoring Works

Crash detection has been around since 1996, but crash detection apps are much newer than that. By using a device that has crash detection capabilities, a signal can be sent to a third-party platform, where a monitoring center can evaluate the data and call the driver. If a call is not answered, the central station will send emergency medical services to the area using GPS data.

AvantGuard operators will also stay on the line with the driver while medical services arrive, helping the person to feel more calm in a stressful situation.

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