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When Response Times Matter - How AvantGuard Provides the Fastest Response Times in the Monitoring Industry

Feb 17, 2023 3:43:00 PM

AvantGuard - A Becklar Company, is proud to provide the fastest emergency response times in the monitoring industry. While others tout call answer times around 20 seconds, we respond to signals in under 10 seconds on average. We utilize the best and most highly trained operators in the industry along with cutting-edge technologies that prioritize incoming signals and get your customers the help they need as fast as possible.


Culture of Ongoing Innovation

Our culture of innovation and exceptional service is the combination that earned AvantGuard (AG) the 2022 ‘Monitoring Center of the Year’ Award from Fastest_Times_CallOutTMA (The Monitoring Association). Here is a glimpse into how we achieve the fastest response times available. This aggressive, ongoing commitment to innovation is the core of our culture. It has led to constant improvements in our ability to respond to emergencies with unrivaled speed.

How AvantGuard Leverages AI

AvantGuard has leveraged advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), in tandem with our highly skilled operators, to improve emergency response times for the best possible customer outcomes. We have incorporated Becklar’s innovative AI-powered customer engagement platform to help instantaneously identify urgent calls vs. routine or low-priority signals. This helps connect the urgent signals immediately into the capable hands of our award-winning team of operators and provides additional context for operators to ensure the best possible service.

In 2018, Becklar, parent company to AvantGuard and Freeus, started the development of a highly advanced customer engagement platform. This AI-powered platform utilizes a premium interactive voice assistant and natural language processing technology to ask questions and interpret responses to help expedite service. After a significant investment in time and dollars, this new technology is used to determine caller intent for multiple scenarios such as emergencies, false alarms, device and system testing and more, with extreme accuracy.

When deployed in conjunction with AG’s skilled, caring operators, the platform enables us to provide the fastest possible response times for any emergency scenario. Emergency calls are advanced to the top of the call queue for a live operator to respond and dispatch emergency services immediately.

Proven Results

The Becklar Engage Platform has now processed well over 2 million inbound live calls on hundreds of thousands of devices since June of 2020 with exceptional results.

  • All calls are answered immediately by the engagement platform – there is no waiting in a call queue
  • Emergency call response times have been cut in half to an industry leading average of 9.4 seconds
  • 60% of live calls are closed without needing to involve a live operator, freeing our operators to focus on the high-priority, emergency calls.

AG does not use the customer engagement platform to replace our operators – far from it!  It is used to assist our operators by ensuring that all urgent calls are immediately relayed to one of our experienced, caring professionals.  

We invite you to learn more about the benefits of the Becklar Engage Platform by downloading our whitepaper, ‘The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Connected Safety Solutions’.  

Other Technologies Utilized by AvantGuard for Faster Response Times 

The industry’s most advanced AI isn’t the only technology that AvantGuard uses to provide your customers with the fastest response times in the industry. Here are some more innovative ways we provide fast and accurate service to your customers.  

Storm Queue 

AG’s Storm Queue recognizes repeat signals from a specific area and prioritizes customers who need immediate assistance. For example, if a big storm takes out power in an area, repeater signals from alarm panels sending lost power signals will be sent to a queue which assigns a higher priority to signals from that area, such as fire or security alarms, to be handled quickly by our operators. Once higher priority signals are closed out, our operators can then attend to lower priority signals.  

Storm Queue also prevents customers from receiving repeat notifications. The last thing your customers want is several notifications from their central station about a power outage they are currently dealing with.

Action Plans

AG also implements detailed action plans to provide your customers with the most consistent service possible. An action plan is a decision tree that the live operator follows based on the customer’s responses. These actions plans ensure our operators respond quickly, accurately, consistently, and confidently to the many possible unique variables associated with a given event or signal.

AG Chat

AG Chat is another free service created for our dealer partners that expedites response times by reducing false alarms. Rather than going through the slow and ineffective process of making outbound calls to a subscriber’s contact group to validate signals, a secure text message is sent immediately to their contacts to quickly confirm or cancel a signal. Research has shown that 70% of people don’t answer phone calls while the open rate for text messages is 98%.  This process of communication truly expedites the time to dispatch for legitimate alarm signals. AG accounts that use the AG Chat feature enjoy many benefits:

  • Time to first engagement happens in seconds compared to the industry average of two minutes before initial contact is made
  • Average time to dispatch is 44 seconds compared to the industry average of five minutes
  • False alarm dispatches were decreased by 54%

Staying on the cutting-edge with artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies has enabled our skilled operators to provide you and your customers with exceptional service and the fastest response times in the industry of less than 10 seconds.

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