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What Is AG Chat?

AG Chat is a secure, group-chat service that allows subscribers to participate in event management. Within a predetermined window of time, account members can decide if an event is a false alarm, talk with other members to share information and, if necessary, request dispatch to arrive on scene.

AG Chat sets the new standard for wholesale alarm monitoring companies. 


Benefits of AG Chat

Decrease False Dispatches

Better team correlation provides opportunities for someone in the know to dismiss what they know to be a false alarm, even if they are the fourth contact down the list. 

Faster Dispatching

Even when contacts don’t respond, a set time limit expires, the operator gets the signal and dispatch gets sent right away.

Convenient Communication

Not everyone can take a call at any time. The SMS communication method reaches subscribers in a much more accessible way than a traditional phone call.

Simultaneous Alerts

Imagine every contact getting notified at the same time. One member of the group knows what's going on and can respond most appropriately. So much gets done in so little time.

Informed Decision-Making

When all contacts have the opportunity to respond at the same time, the team can provide their unique insights into what’s going on.

High-Level Verification

Even if a burglar happens to get a hold of someone’s cell phone, they still need to enter a verification passcode before dispatch is canceled.

Next Generation Monitoring

Imagine reducing false dispatches, improving response times up to 90%, and reaching out to every member on an account at the exact same time. 

AG Chat makes that happen. 

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