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What is AG Chat? 

AG Chat is a tool to help confirm or disregard a signal. A link is sent out to the user to join a secure chat group with all members on a contact list once a signal is received. Members in the group chat can text one another in the chat to figure out what is going on and decide whether dispatch is needed or not.

Roughly 60 percent of people don’t answer the phone when they receive a call. AG Chat allows members to talk on a secure platform without answering the phone. This helps achieve better communication between members on the contact list and resolve an alarm without having to answer the phone.


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Why Should Subscribers Use AG Chat?

In some places such as Sandy Springs, Georgia, there are fees for false dispatches. The group chat puts subscribers in a better position to verify an alarm and whether they should ask us to dispatch.

Why Should Dealers Use AG Chat?

We offer AG Chat for free to your business. You can choose to charge for the service. It’s easy to implement, maintain and manage. AG Chat provides a service to your subscribers that other companies don’t offer, and again, it’s free to you.

Benefits of AG Chat 

There are many benefits for subscribers and dealers to implement AG Chat. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Decrease False Dispatches
  • Faster Dispatching
  • Convenient Communication
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • High-Level Verification