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Feature Spotlight: Storm Queue

Feb 11, 2021 8:00:00 AM

A natural disaster or major storm can wreak havoc on a central station. A major storm can cause power outages and send repeat alarms continuously to a central station, bogging down their operators and pushing higher priority signals down the list. Thankfully, AvantGuard has technology in place so when a storm does affect service to an area, we’re prepared to handle it. Enter The Storm Queue.

What Does The Storm Queue Do?

Let’s say that a big storm knocks out power in Dallas, Texas. Without The Storm Queue, this event would send repeated signals into AvantGuard from customers in that area who don’t need immediate assistance. Instead, The Storm Queue puts all of those signals into a queue and prioritizes customers who need the most assistance.

For instance, a fire alarm should have priority over an automated signal sent from an alarm panel that lost power due to a power outage. The Storm Queue puts higher priority signals through to the operator and places those lower priority signals in the queue. Operators can then answer high priority signals quickly and get to lower priority signals immediately after that.

Beyond responding to higher priority signals more promptly, The Storm Queue also prevents repeat notifications from being sent out to customers in an affected area. Your customers don’t need their central station sending several notifications for a power outage they are currently dealing with.

Why We Do What We Do

Our dedication to serving you and your customers is what drives AvantGuard. The Storm Queue is just one feature that helps us provide your customers with the best service possible. We always look for innovative ways to provide you with helpful tools and features to make your business successful and keep your customers safe.

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