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How To Make Your Accounts More Efficient With The Dealer Dashboard

Jul 15, 2021 7:00:00 AM

The AG Dealer Dashboard provides helpful insight into individual accounts so you can determine how to make your account base more efficient. And when your accounts are more efficient, you maximize the value of each account and in return, increase your RMR.


Helpful Widgets Inside the Dealer Dashboard

One of the best ways to make your accounts more efficient is to properly identify the problem accounts. Do you have accounts that you suspect receive more false alarms than others? The Accounts in Runaway Widget can help you identify these problem accounts to make your account base overall more efficient.

MLS Tool 

One of the biggest pain points for customer retention is when a customer moves. The new MLS tool provides dealers a heads up when a customer has listed their property for sale. You can then attempt to contact the customer before they move and try to retain them as they move to their new home. 

A secondary benefit to the new MLS Tool is potentially gaining new customers. When a house sells, you can then sell your products and services to the new owners.  

AG gathers MLS information using a third-party property listing service that accesses real estate information across dozens of websites. 

Accounts in Runaway

The Accounts in Runaway Widget displays accounts that get at least 15 of the same signal in less than an hour sent to AvantGuard. You can adjust the date range on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly fashion, and adjust the number of accounts the data can pull. The widget also displays how many runaway signals each account has produced, as well as the most recent runaway signal.

By identifying these accounts, you can take action and work towards a solution to resolve the runaway problem accounts. You can find a full breakdown on how to use the widget in our Help Center.

Experience Optimization Widget

The Experience Optimization Widget can help you plan and reach your goals to get your accounts over to specific messaging systems. For instance, if you want 100 percent of your accounts on AG Chat by the end of the year, you can use the widget to set your goal, and see in real time how many accounts use the system.

Switching over to a chat system isn’t the only goal you can set. You also get data on the number of accounts that are on an SMS or email system, chat, or setup for IVR. This is a helpful widget for planning and seeing instant results.

Growing Your Business with AvantGuard

Those are just a couple of the widgets available to you. The AG Dealer Dashboard and the widgets contained within can help you weed out what’s making your accounts inefficient and turn them around to strengthen the roots of your overall account base.

If you have any questions about the Dealer Dashboard, our Dealer Care team is ready to help.


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