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AG Chat Reduces False Alarms

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Reduce false alarms & dispatch faster with AG Chat

Customers want the smartest and fastest way to receive alerts and notifications, especially from their security providers. AG Chat, a free service for you and your customers, is the best way to future-proof your business. 

Since the launch of AG Chat in 2018 over 108,000 accounts have utilized the service. We’ve found that the accounts at using AG Chat show improvements for the following:

  • False alarm dispatches decrease by 54%
  • Average time to dispatch is 44 seconds compared to the industry average of two minutes
  • Time to first engagement happens in seconds compared to the industry average of needing to call three individuals before contact is made

Learn more about AG Chat by contacting Dealer Care: 

Dealer Care
Phone: (866) 880–9591
Email: dealercare@agmonitoring.com