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Introducing AG's Brand New MLS Tool

Jul 12, 2021 11:36:00 AM

AvantGuard has just released a new widget inside our robust Dealer Dashboard to help you minimize subscriber turnover and grow your business. Introducing AG's new MLS Tool that shows property listings for any of your accounts. This free tool helps you retain customers and gain new ones.

How the MLS Tool Works

You are all painfully aware that one of the reasons customers cancel their service is from selling their homes and relocating. With AG's new MLS Tool, you can see when any of your accounts list their property for sale. This gives you a heads up, providing an opportunity to contact your customers before they sell to possibly retain them as a customer in their new home. Another benefit is being able to see when houses have been recently purchased, giving you a jump start on connecting with the new residents.

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The MLS Tool provides a map detailing the location of your accounts. Beyond that, you can use the tool’s list functionality to see all of your accounts and their most recent listing status. You’ll be able to see if an account just listed the house for sale, or if a sale is pending. Secondarily, it provides a central location for contact information on all of your accounts. Of course, all of this information and functionality is completely free for AG dealers.

Where Does AG Get the Data?

AvantGuard uses a third-party property listing service that accesses a large catalog of real estate listings from dozen of websites.

How Do I Access This Widget

The widget is located in the Dealer Dashboard. If you’d like more information, please reach out to

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