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DIY Security Cameras are Getting Smarter

Jul 29, 2019 9:40:08 AM

Abode systems DIY smart cameras are learning new tricks. The company has further integrated with Google Assistant-enabled devices and allows to control home security systems with voice commands.

What Can You Do With Voice Commands?

This integration with voice commands isn’t completely new coming from abode systems. Previous integrations included the ability to control the lights and switches in your home. Now, you can control cameras, sensors that monitor your doors and windows, locks, and arm and disarm your home security system.

By saying a phrase like “Ok Google, lock my doors,” the system will automatically lock all the doors in your house. Of course, you will need to provide authentication before you can disarm your alarm. When you use voice command to disarm your security system, you will be prompted to say your digital verification code – this is usually in the form of a short pin number.

You will also be able to view live camera feeds using voice commands as long as you have a supported streaming camera. For instance, you could pull up a live feed of your driveway while sitting in your living room. This new voice integration is truly providing full control over your DIY home security with your voice.

DIY Cameras vs. Professional Monitored Systems

Consumers have been gravitating towards DIY security system over professionally monitored systems. DIY security systems allow people to mix and match their equipment as well as avoid monthly pricing and fees, yet it still provides a level of safety and security within the home. People can also access their security system usually through an app on their phone, and get alerts when the system detects motion or hears an alarm go off.

While professional monitoring can be more pricey, it provides far more protection than a DIY system. One of the many problems with DIY systems is they can be hacked. Also, if you are on vacation and don’t have cell service, your alarm system won’t be able to notify you of an intrusion or other possible event. And some of those devices operate on battery power. So, if you forget to charge a camera, it is rendered useless.

Professional monitoring systems on the other hand are constantly monitoring your property. In the event that you can’t be reached during an alarm, authorities will be contacted by the central monitoring station. Professional systems can use traditional phone lines and other technologies so would-be hackers can’t breach the systems. Professional monitoring is simply the more comprehensive way to fully protect your property and family.

Even though DIY smart cameras are providing the user with more control with new voice commands and other hands-free integrations, we still recommend the full security coverage that only a professional monitoring company can provide.

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