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Adding Professional Monitoring to an IoT Business

Mandee Thomas
Feb 19, 2019 8:04:00 AM

As the IoT landscape continues to develop and grow, connected devices are beginning to play an integral role in a wide array of businesses.

Having sensors and notification systems in place helps to verify that IoT devices are functioning properly. And offering professional monitoring to your services can bring great benefits to your business, and your subscribers.

A Backup for IOT Sensors

IOT sensors provide users with valuable information, such as notifications in the event of a device failure or other emergency. The biggest drawback to having sensors without a monitoring backup, is if no one is around to address the problem, there is no guarantee that a viable solution will suddenly appear.

Take smoke alarms for example. Standard fire alarms only fulfill their purpose if someone is around to hear them go off and alert the authorities. Having a smoke alarm system that is professionally monitored means that a residence is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of whether or not someone is on site.

We’ve seen first-hand the impact that professional monitoring can have in various IoT applications. Like the time that a Famous Dave's restaurant had an unexpected water leak. Our operators were able to dispatch the local fire department to staunch the flow before substantial damage was done to the building.

Another noteworthy example involved a subscriber that experienced a major car crash. Her crash detection app alerted her chosen contacts of the accident, but they weren't nearby to offer any help. But, because the system was integrated with our central station, our operators received the alert with information about her location and were able to dispatch local authorities to assist her. 

A Source of RMR for an IoT Business

Considering the examples, like the ones noted previously, it’s easy to see the benefits that professional monitoring can bring to consumers. But, offering central station monitoring as an add-on service, instead of requiring it, can be advantageous to dealers as well. In addition, combining an existing product with a subscription-based service is an excellent way to fuel a business with recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

This business model works well for companies, because you not only benefit from the initial sale of the product, but continue to stay connected to your customer base and have a recurring revenue stream.

A Solution for Standard IoT and Emerging Technology Alike

The beauty of the IoT industry is that it encompasses such a wide range of platforms: from updated variations of familiar technology, to new devices that wouldn’t have seemed possible only a few years prior. Despite the numerous variations in IoT products, however, central station automation software that is offered by AvantGuard can be easily configured to meet the unique needs of IoT businesses.

The central station reaps the benefits of IoT technology as well. Where typical CCTV security cameras are rarely equipped to provide operators with high levels of detail when a signal is received, IoT devices are often programed to provide a higher level of information in its reports. This is extremely beneficial for verification purposes, and helps operators provide authorities and contacts with useful information so that they can be prepared to handle the situation when they arrive on the scene.

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