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AG Featurette: Justin Bailey

Alex Flitton
Jan 3, 2019 11:48:16 AM

Justin Bailey is the President and Chief Operating Officer at AvantGuard Monitoring. He began working for the company in June, 2010 as the Vice President of Strategic Development, leading the Information Technology team and developing the monitoring center tools and equipment.

From there, Bailey developed into his current role as President of AvantGuard, driving key strategic functions for the company of 400+ employees. After Josh Garner, CEO of AvantGuard, restructured the ownership of AvantGuard and its sister company, Freeus, Bailey was invited to be a part owner of the holding company. The new ownership structure has allowed AvantGuard to attract a top-tier team of executives for continued expansion.

In his tenure at AvantGuard, Bailey has helped lead the company through dramatic growth, playing a key role in creating beneficial partnerships between AvantGuard, its customers, and manufacturers and service providers.

After becoming President of AvantGuard, Bailey was integral in developing hybrid partnership models that allowed traditional security companies with internal central stations to leverage AvantGuard’s technology infrastructure, and advanced monitoring software, through the cloud. This has helped a handful of security companies divert their resources into more growth-oriented channels while bolstering their technology and redundancy capabilities.

In addition, Bailey has delivered several presentations at industry events discussing central station monitoring and technology. In his presentations, Bailey often calls for the acceleration of technological standards for alarm-related industries. Being a notoriously laggard industry, he sees plenty of room for improvement.

In November, 2018, Bailey was added to the TMA Board of Directors as the Contract Monitoring classification representative. In his role, Bailey represents wholesale monitoring companies who are members of The Monitoring Association.

In addition to his accolades and career achievements, Bailey was featured in Security Systems News’ 20 under 40, is regularly invited to serve as a guest speaker at industry events and a member on the leading body for central stations in the United States.

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