wholesale industrial process monitoring

Wholesale Industrial Process Monitoring

What Is Wholesale Industrial Process Monitoring?

Industrial process monitoring has to do with maintaining monitored devices in their approved state. Some examples of industrial devices are, hospital refrigerators, oil fields, gas wells, mines, bodies of water and hundreds of others. Each of these things need to be continually monitored for small changes in temperature or gas content. Instead of having to manually record these data points every hour, we automatically collect the data, and alert responsible parties when changes need to happen.

Internet of Things Enabled

A significant portion of wholesale industrial process monitoring is driven by Internet of Things (IoT) devices that connect to a network and send signals to the central station. AvantGuard is a proud monitoring provider for thousands of IoT devices across North America. Our technology enables us to monitor all the best devices available to consumers today.

When it comes to monitoring volatile substances that pose risks to human life, AvantGuard is a leader in ensuring signals are received and acted on quickly. Our hot-redundancy infrastructure ensures that we receive every signal, every time. Redundant communication paths, receivers and central stations with immediate failover systems work to provide unmatched results.


Dealers who partner with AvantGuard can set up all the reports they need. That is important, especially when they want to provide proof of compliance or optimize their operational procedures. With our state-of-the-art automation software, dealers can create reports on virtually any data sets for their devices.

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Many businesses go years without having a single incident. Many wonder if paying for an integrated video system is worth it. This hero story says it is.

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