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AG Heroes | Con Caught on Camera

Oct 10, 2016 1:23:12 PM


Ontario, CA

All of the employees were at home for the night when the car wash was broken into.

No one was walking on the nearby street to see what was happening, and the darkness of the night made it especially difficult to see clearly.

Because the business had video surveillance integrated I-View Now software, the operator who responded to the alarm saw the perpetrator's face before anyone else, over 1400 miles away.

"When the motion sensor went off, I saw the footage on my monitor right away and I could tell dispatch exactly what I saw," said Liz, an AvantGuard operator. 

She continues, "A lot of cities won't send police if I can't verify there was an actual person breaking in." 

According to "Safeguard the World," 87% of all reported burglaries go unsolved due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence. 

Integrated video monitoring turns the tables on that statistic.

Because the video feed was integrated into the monitoring system, Liz was able to review the footage immediately from her desk and give a fully identifying description of the man to dispatch within minutes of the initial alarm. 

Even though the perpetrator escaped before the police could arrive, the video footage helped officials launch a quicker and more effective investigation the same night of the break in.

"It's very important to me that the alarm system does all of the work for me," business owner Robert noted. "I have a lot to do, and other properties to manage."

He continues, "I wouldn't have even known someone broke in 'till a few days later, and the guy could have skipped town by then."

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