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AG Heroes | Impactful Intervention

Sep 30, 2016 11:50:20 AM

Green Lake, WI

Mark was in a dark place one midsummer’s evening. Feeling lonely, rejected and mentally tired, he consumed an entire bottle of pain relievers.

On the cusp of ending his life, the last thing Mark expected was a complete stranger telling him he is important.

Two hours after consuming the pain pills, Mark pressed his Freeus medical alert button. Maybe he did it to let someone know where he was, or perhaps he wanted someone to help him change his mind.

Chase, an AvantGuard operator, answered the call and spoke with Mark. After sending the paramedics to Mark’s location, he simply listened to Mark.

“When I got the call, I knew I needed to be aware of what Mark was going through and be concerned for his well-being,” said Chase, remembering the incident. He continues to say, “having an experience like this has helped me to be more aware, and to empathize with others. It’s life-changing for sure.”

Chase reminded Mark that he is important and that people care about him. He helped keep his mind busy and away from his problems until help could arrive.

15 minutes after Chase informed dispatch, paramedics arrived and gave Mark the medical care that he needed.

Mark’s story is a stark example of the power and responsibility vested in operators like Chase.

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