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What Makes AvantGuard Monitoring Station Operators Different

Nov 6, 2019 9:05:00 AM

Operators are a vital component to the company’s success and the face of the brand, so the professional service they deliver encourages dealers and subscribers to stay with the company. The age-old proverb, “treat others how you want to be treated” applies here; people who sign up for a service want to know that they will be taken care of in a thoughtful manner, and will search out providers who implement that level of care.

AG Heroes

Here at AvantGuard, we seek people who are driven, with goals in mind of where they see themselves going. This way, AvantGuard can help with the stepping stones along their path, such as tuition reimbursement, and flexible schedules so that people who have other obligations (such as school, family, or another job) can work around those. This allows for an environment that promotes growth and friendliness.

To continue promoting a positive workplace, every month AvantGuard celebrates an operator who has made a special contribution. Called AG Heroes, stories are shared about them here, where you can find out more about how they helped a person in a critical emergency.

Essential Traits in Operators

AvantGuard has essential qualities in mind that they look for when hiring new talent. They search for people who will care about the subscribers, and sincerely want to help them, no matter how small or big the crisis.

In an interview with AvantGuard’s HR manager, Floribel Duran, she listed three top qualities they look for when hiring new staff: empathy, attention to detail, and a passion for service.

All of these attributes are vital when it comes to the unique situations operators may have to navigate. Stressful calls may happen, and being able to know the right steps and maintain a positive and helpful attitude can make all the difference.

Empathy, Attention to Detail and Passion for Service

The first quality, empathy, is more than “I hear you,” but putting oneself in another person’s thoughts, feelings, or point of view. When a subscriber is in the middle of a real-life emergency, having empathy makes it so an operator can connect to the caller and understand what’s happening. By having this understanding, it helps them know which steps need to be taken to get the subscriber assistance. If emergency services are needed, operators will also stay on the phone with a subscriber to provide support.

To be able to accurately provide this assistance, each new hire undergoes several weeks of training. Through this process, operators focus on developing their skills, making attention to detail very important. This helps operators know and practice the procedures that have been put in place, ensuring a consistent and helpful experience is achieved from each call.

Passion for service is a quality AvantGuard looks for because the operators employed are known for their focus on helping others. Subscribers recognize when someone cares about them and calmly guides them in their moment of crisis. Operators at AvantGuard also make welcome home calls, where three to seven days after an emergency, an operator will call to check in on the subscriber after an event. When operators are passionate about helping someone, the feeling is really rewarding for both the customer and operator.

Because these attributes are held at such importance, AvantGuard operators have been commended for their ability to tailor the experience to the consumer. Whether that is getting medical help, guiding them through a difficult process, or making a follow up call to check up on their status, having professional adaptability and communication skills makes AvantGuard operators great at what they do.

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