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The Extra Dealer Monitoring Services That Go Above and Beyond

Oct 29, 2019 8:00:00 AM

What makes a monitoring center stand out? Obviously excellent customer service and reliable technology come to mind. But what about the extra services that a central monitoring station can offer to dealers. Let’s take a look at what separates AvantGuard from other monitoring services.

Answering Services

One of the extras that a central station like AvantGuard can offer to dealers is answering services. When a dealer can call the monitoring center after-hours, and still receive the help they need, that goes above and beyond. AvantGuard offers after-hours answering services as well as light tech support. That’s one way to stand out from the competition.

AvantGuard operators are also trained to stay on the line with customers during an emergency. It’s a small thing, but it can be comforting to hear someone’s voice during an emergency. We will stay on the line with you until emergency services arrive.

AvantGuard also makes welcome home calls. We like to check up on our customers after EMS has been dispatched during an alarm. Our welcome home calls generally happen anywhere between three to seven days after the incident. It’s a subtle thing, but we care about our customers. We like to ask how they are doing after an event. This can also be useful information for some dealers who need dispatch information for their services.

Finally, we are happy to remind our customers to test their devices if they haven’t. If we see a PERS devices hasn’t been tested, we will happily call our customer to give them a reminder. We want to make sure that they are getting the best service possible, and making sure they have working equipment is part of our services.

Vanity Line

Keeping uniformity for a customer can go a long way. It can be confusing to customers who have an alarm system from X company, but when they call, Y company answers. This is where a vanity line comes in handy. A customer is given a dedicated phone number to the monitoring center which we can answer on behalf of the alarm company. So, if a customer needs to test their PERS for ReadyRightNow Alarms (name is totally fake), and they need assistance, they can call AvantGuard, and we will answer as ReadyRightNow Alarms, so the customer isn’t confused by a third-party alarm monitoring center with a different name answering the call. This creates a streamlined path for great customer service.

Caller ID Injection

This technology is somewhat similar to vanity line; it helps customers avoid any confusion from who their alarm dealer is and who is monitoring the alarm. If the event of an alarm, or for any reason, like a test reminder, when the central monitoring station calls the customer, their alarm dealers name (ReadyRightNow Alarms) will display on their caller ID, not AvantGuard’s. This way, we get a higher answer rate and the customer receives better customer service.

AG Chat

Verifying alarms can be tricky. False alarms make up the vast majority of signals sent to alarm stations. Trying to combat and reduce false alarms is one of the biggest goals for all central station monitoring companies. AG Chat is a big step in the right direction in helping both customers and the central station to verify alarms.

When a signal is sent to the monitoring station, everyone on the contact list will be grouped into a group text message chatroom. The contact list can then talk amongst one another to verify the alarm. The customer can then let the monitoring station know whether or not to send dispatch. This helps speed up alarm verification times and debunk potential false alarms.

As you can see, AvantGuard always puts the customer first. We know that helping people is at the core of our business, and we try to implement helpful extra services to our dealers and customers. Reach out for more information about AvantGuard’s monitoring service.

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