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Video Monitoring and False Alarms

Sep 3, 2020 8:00:00 AM

The goal in the central station monitoring world is, and always will be, to reduce false alarms. That is the nuisance that all central stations would love to find a solution for. Recently, there was some pretty significant news on that front. Immix has teamed up with Calipsa for a video verification solution that will hopefully help detect more false alarms and will be available September 1st.

The Merge

Immix is one of the industry leaders in providing central station automation for monitoring centers. Immix hosted a webinar with AvantGuard monitoring centers about their video verification solutions you can find here. Immix and Calipsa, a video analytics company that specializes in the reduction of false alarms, are merging their two platforms for advanced false alarm detection.

With the integration, instead of having to run both platforms as separate entities, the Calipsa analytics can now be used inside of Immix central station software. This will allow a more streamlined way to help operators detect false alarms and prioritize more important alarms, so customers can get help quickly.

Reducing False Alarms

False alarms in any situation can be frustrating, especially if you are in Sandy Springs, Georgia, where the security company is responsible and fined for false alarms Regardless, false alarms deter important signals from being prioritized correctly. So, what are some solutions?

The implementation and integration of smart technology is a good bet, or in other words — data. And that’s the idea behind the Immix and Calipsa collaboration. Machine learning can help alleviate operators from being bogged down by collecting a significant amount of data on what is triggering those pesky false alarms, and can automatically handle it accordingly.

But machine learning isn’t the only solution. AvantGuard has implemented AG Chat, a tool that helps people in a household, or within the emergency contacts, verify an alarm before it is sent to the central station. This has helped reduce false alarms significantly, but of course, there will always be room for improvement.

In similar fashion, also has a false alarm verification built into their mobile app. Instead of being called on a false alarm, customers receive a quick glance of camera footage to help them verify if the alarm is real or not. In both AvantGuard and’s cases, the key is that customers prefer not to receive or answer phone calls. This alone has led integrators and technology companies to find and create new ways to reduce false alarms. But one thing is for sure, the solution is going to rely heavily on technology.

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