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The AG Update: Ep. 82

Nov 9, 2020 11:36:15 PM

A decision from Google to partially pull out of the DIY security industry, how an expected increase in e-commerce might leave you vulnerable over the holidays, and how a VPN can be an effective means to keep you secure...

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        1. Google’s Nest Secure is No Longer Available
        2. Making a Case for Holiday Security
        3. VPNs Increase Digital Security


Google’s Nest Secure is No Longer Available

It was no surprise when the tech giant Google entered into the DIY security arena. With an array of impressive products from smart doorbells to indoor and outdoor cameras, it does in fact come as a shock that they have decided to cancel sales of their security package.

The “Nest Secure” system launched in 2017 containing a hub, window and door sensors, and a key fob. Recently these systems were pulled from their virtual shelves and are no longer available.

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Making a Case for Holiday Security

With the holidays just around the corner, e-commerce is projected to grow by nearly 25% compared to last year. While that is a huge number, it ultimately means you can expect to have more packages sitting on your front porch allowing more opportunities from criminals and thieves.

Now is the best time to prepare for this by installing a smart camera or doorbell at your front door. Without security measures in place, a home is 300% more likely to be burglarized, according to the New York Times.

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VPNs Increase Digital Security

After our month long cybersecurity campaign to participate in National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we wanted to reiterate how vital a VPN is for you and your business.

From creating a barrier to safeguard and separate your data from the digital world, to keeping you secure on public networks, there are tons of benefits to having a VPN. Read the article below to find out how you can set one up today!

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