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Google's Nest Secure is No Longer Available

Nov 2, 2020 10:41:27 AM

With the rise in DIY security over the years, security professionals have had to compete with the ease of their competitor’s systems. Well, recently they lost a large portion of their competition. Google Nest Secure’s purchase button has been grayed out in the Google store, and it reads “No longer available.”

What Happens Next?

The Nest Secure system launched in 2017 as a package that contained a hub, window/door sensors, and a key fob, featuring a professional monitoring option as well. A spokesperson for the program stated “Google Nest will no longer be producing Nest Secure, however, we will continue to support our security users in all the same ways.” 

While Google might have pulled their Nest Secure products from their virtual shelves, it doesn’t mean they are completely out of the security industry. Nest Secure was just part of the Google lineup of smart DIY devices, the rest of which will continue to be sold. Among those devices are the Nest Hello Doorbell, the Nest Cam Outdoor, and the Nest x Yale Lock.

While there has been an ongoing debate in the security industry for some time over which is best, DIY or professional, no individual or businesses needs are the same. Find out which works for you.

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