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Professional Monitoring Vs. Self Monitoring

Alex Flitton
Aug 21, 2018 8:05:00 AM

When personal budget cuts need to be made, the monthly security monitoring costs are often among the first to go. Professional monitoring can feel expensive when there aren’t a handful of burglary attempts happening every day. Much like insurance, it’s difficult to imagine if it’s worth paying for or not; until bad luck strikes, at least. Many people who understand the importance of their security system will resort to monitoring the system themselves. Besides, what does an operator do that an average person can’t? Let’s find out.

Self Monitoring Security Systems

With the advent of DIY security systems, checking on the status of a home or watching an Amazon package arrive is as simple as opening an app on a phone. Many of these DIY devices can be programmed to send alerts and notifications based on motion, the sound of breaking glass or the ringing of a fire alarm.

Many people prefer to monitor their own home for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Lower Cost
  • Instant updates (Any time)
  • Mobility
  • Recorded intrusions

Although DIY systems have many pros, they come with their own challenges. Many of which are not the problems other consumers want to have. Some of those include:

  • Require wall power and WiFI connection
  • Only monitorable when cell service is available
  • DIY cameras don’t typically sound alarms
  • Notifications aren’t typically seen immediately

A Conclusion Of Self Monitoring

In the end, it is up to consumers to know the limits of a self-monitored security system. So, if they feel that the cons associated with this model are worth having, then this is the setup they should sign on for. However, most consumers will notice that the major aspects of an effective security system are missing. For example, it is widely known that an alarm system’s audible alert drives the majority of intruders away before they have a chance to take anything. In addition, consumers will worry as they travel or go on vacation to locations where cell service is limited or non-existent. And, if they forget to keep their phone in an audible setting, they may miss the alarm during the most crucial time of an intrusion.

That leaves them to consider a more effective approach.

Professional Monitoring

There are many reasons that a professionally-monitored system is superior to a self-monitored one. Consumers who make this a priority will rest assured knowing that their home and personal property are under continual watch, especially when they can’t watch it themselves. Whether they are in an important meeting or away on vacation, their system will always have an operator available to keep it safe.

Fortunately, the need to have a professionally monitored system does not with the requirement to have a permanent on-home setup. There are plenty of WiFi enabled products that can be monitored by a wholesale central station.

Therefore, consumers should consider the following cons associated with a professionally monitored system:

  • Most require a signed contract and a monthly service charge
  • Not all monitoring companies provide a group chat tool to collaborate on an alarm with other account members. That means there is a much higher chance of false alarms being dispatched on
  • False dispatches often come with a fee from the local police department
  • The system must be manually armed every day

And if the cons don’t scare them away, then the pros of a professionally monitored system will keep them interested.

  • Authorities will always be contacted if there is no response
  • Professionally installed systems are typically designed to cover every inch of a home But, this depends on how comprehensive the system’s capabilities are.
  • An installation sign and audible alert will keep burglars from staying too long if they decide to break in
  • Most monitored systems include an audible alert to scare off burglars
  • Many systems utilized traditional phone lines and redundant power systems to withstand tampering

In the end, if a consumer wants their home more effectively monitored, then they should find a professional company to do it for them. Self monitoring will work for those who don’t travel, always have access to phone coverage and WiFi access, and those who rely on the mere presence of a camera to warn burglars away.

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