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Best Buy Purchases Jitterbug Phone Maker, Great Call

Alex Flitton
Aug 20, 2018 8:05:00 AM

The electronics giant, Best Buy, purchased GreatCall, one of the largest PERS device companies on the planet. The $800 Million purchase instantly delivers 900,000 monthly subscribers to Best Buy’s list of RMR-based verticals. The purchase is yet another piece of evidence that demonstrates Best Buy’s interest in growing their service-based revenue over their product-based revenue.

Making Waves In The PERS Device Market

When it comes to selling PERS devices, the biggest change will manifest itself when GreatCall devices start showing up on Best Buy shelves. Their devices are already sold through the online stores of Best Buy, Rite Aid, Sears, Walmart, and Amazon. So who knows what changes will take place and how they will immediately affect PERS dealers looking to stay ahead of the merger.

Well-Reviewed Products

One of the more redeemable qualities of the GreatCall brand is its product reviews. Despite being a tech company geared at seniors–who have a terrible track record of adopting new technology–more than 50 percent of their reviews have five stars. The rest of the reviews tend to come from customers who don’t understand the technology or who have problems that can be troubleshot fairly easily.

Tips For Dealers

As with any other major merger, it is important for dealers to evaluate the changes that are being made so they can regularly pivot their business offerings accordingly. The purchase signals an emphasis from Best Buy on service-related business. As their current return policy stands, customers can return nearly any product within 15 days. Although a return policy is a single factor from their entire service personality, dealers may consider similar and better accommodations to outcompete the growing tech giants.

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