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The AG Update: Ep. 3

Alex Flitton
Mar 8, 2019 8:05:00 AM

A PERS review by The Washington Post, upcoming AG Webinars, And More...

Links To Resources:

  1. The Washington Post PERS Test
  2. AG Webinar - Dealer Tools Training
  3. AG Webinar - Tips To Maximize Every Security Sale
  4. Differentiating Your Security Business


The Washington Post PERS Test

Our first topic this week: The Washington Post recently performed a test on 11 different PERS companies to determine what their average, and longest response times were.

In the test, AvantGuard customers took three of the top five spots, marking AvantGuard as the premier central station for companies who take response times seriously.

The Washington Post article didn’t have too many good things to say about PERS devices, though, labeling issues like false alarms, not calling 911 directly, and deficiencies with the location technology.

We felt like they missed some important things in their review, so we wrote an article to balance out the conversation, which you can read on the AvantGuard blog.

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The Washington Post, PERS

Upcoming AG Webinars

We have some exciting webinars happening in the next two months.

This month in March, AvantGuard dealer care manager, Leif Boren, will be going over how to use the avantguard dealer tools portal to add new accounts, make changes in accounts as well as how to put them on test.

If you are an AvantGuard customer, this webinar is a must see, because the AG Tools portal is something you can use to make your life easier, every day.

Dealer Tools, AG Webinar

And, in April, we will be going over how you can maximize every security sale with tips on how to improve profitability without having to charge your customers more.

Jessica Freedman from SecureNet will be presenting, and it’s sure to be super helpful so don’t forget to sign up for that today!

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SecureNet, AG Webinar, Sales Tips

Differentiating Your Security Business

Finally, Parks Associates recently released a study about the changing security market.

They found that 70 percent of security dealers in the US offer services beyond traditional monitoring in order to stay competitive.

On top of that, they found that 40% of pro-monitored subscribers are willing and likely to switch security providers for as little as a 10% savings in monthly fees.

It’s a wake up call for companies who are doing the same old thing they’ve always been doing, and we go over strategies you can use to differentiate your company and retain customers longer in one of our most recent articles.

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Parks Associates, Research, business development

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