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The AG Update: Ep. 21

Jul 12, 2019 8:02:00 AM

Alexa's emotional intelligence, IVR vs. AI, information on central stations and more...

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  1. Amazon's Alexa to Become More Emotionally Intelligent
  2. Interactive Voice Response vs. Artificial Intelligence
  3. What is a Central Station Monitoring System?
  4. What is a UL Listed Central Station?


Amazon is Testing Alexa’s Emotional Intelligence

Amazon is looking into ways for Alexa to detect your emotional state. This project began in 2008 with the idea of protecting veterans with PTSD. The technology would potentially evaluate the person’s voice to identify signs of depression and reduce the risk of suicide.

The Alexa AI team is currently looking to develop wearable technology that would be able to detect emotions, but how the device would intervene remains unclear. Let’s just say this technology is a bit more complicated than your mood ring.

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IVR and AI Call Answering Technology

It’s almost hard to remember a time when you called a company and an actual person answered the phone. That’s because interactive voice response and artificial intelligence are largely handling those duties. Both IVR and AI can save your company money on labor costs, handle large call volumes and provide 24 hour answering services.

IVR and AI might feel like an inconvenience at times, but it drastically reduces the wait times for customers and lets the customer determine where their call is routed.

If you are looking to save on labor and create a higher level of caller efficiency, you should consider interactive voice response, or AI technology.

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What is a Central Station Monitoring System?

You might be asking, “What exactly is a central monitoring system?” Also called alarm monitoring centers or wholesale alarm stations, it provides watchful services to many industries and manages devices to respond to critical events.

Essentially, as technology expands, so do the services that a central service station can offer. Some industries that make use of this technology include, security, fire, environmental and crash detection, just to name a few.

Having a monitored alarm system can add a layer of protection to both business and residential properties by safeguarding you and your company's belongings.

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What is a UL Listed Central Station?

Now, when you see that a central monitoring station is UL certified, that means it meets or exceeds the reliability and safety standards of the Underwriters Laboratories. It is not legally required for a central monitoring station to be UL certified, so when it goes through the rigorous safety and compliance standards, you can be assured that you are being provided the best monitoring service possible.

AvantGuard maintains UL certification and continuously takes the necessary steps to comply with UL standards across the board.

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