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The AG Update: Ep. 15

Alex Flitton
May 31, 2019 8:05:00 AM

Potential Hikvision Ban, The AG Partner Program, Marketing Automation, And More...

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  1. Potential Hikvision Ban
  2. The AvantGuard Partner Program
  3. Marketing Automation


HikVision Banned?

HikVision, a giant in the video surveillance industry is facing a potential ban from purchasing components from the United States. Several news outlets like the New York Times have reported that the China-based company is the latest addition to the Trump administration’s blacklist.

Another Chinese brand, Huawei (pronounced: uwah-wey), has already faced strict restrictions from working in the US, and not for bland reasons.

It has been reported that Hikvision has played a role in the mass detention of ethnic Uighurs (pronounced: wee-goors) and other muslims in Xinjiang (pronounced: sheen-jawng).

The company’s cameras have been placed around the area that The New York Times has called a police state, in an effort to surveil, and ultimately discriminate against the Uighurs.

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The AvantGuard Partner Program

On a more positive note, AvantGuard is embarking on a national tour with its partners WAVE Electronics, Kwikset,, 2GIG, and Qolsys. The program was designed with the purpose of educating security alarm dealers about the benefits of working with nationally-leading brands through AvantGuard.

For example, dealers who purchase products with AvantGuard’s distribution partner, WAVE, get greater discounts on products, in addition to WAVE’s existing rebate program.

To make it easy to find an event near you, we’ve created a web page that lists each of the currently-planned events with their cities and states. Once you find a location near you, simply click on the event card and get registered. The events are completely free, and you even get a free lunch!

Besides offering an awesome learning opportunity, you’ll get the chance to network with other alarm dealers, the AvantGuard team, and reps from each of our partner companies. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

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AvantGuard Partner Program, wave, qolsys, 2 Gig, Kwikset

Marketing Automation Systems

In our most recent article, we go over some awesome marketing automation tools you can use in your own business to make things more efficient, and improve communication between you and your customers.

Marketing, especially for small and new businesses, can seem like a big hairy monster that is always a problem but never has a clear solution.

Well, we’re going to try and help you solve that problem. In the article, we go over some essential marketing tactics you can use, and the systems you can use to get them going.

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