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The AG Update: Ep. 10

Alex Flitton
Apr 26, 2019 8:05:00 AM

The New AvantGuard App, AG Announces 3rd Central Station, And More...

Links To Resources:

  1. The AvantGuard Mobile App
  2. AvantGuard Announces 3rd Central Station
  3. Public Privacy & Security


The AvantGuard Mobile App

AvantGuard has been developing its new mobile application for technicians for a while now. About 2 months ago, we started a beta test for the app, rolling it out to technicians in the field so they could find any bugs before we put it live for every AvantGuard dealer.

Well, we are happy to announce that the AG App is now live. You can use the app to locate customers, place accounts on test, review test history, and ultimately, make technicians’ lives easier.

The app has a sleek user interface, and allows users to customize their default test settings. That way, you can quickly test accounts the same way each time, or quickly adjust individual test settings when you need to do.

You can download the app on Androids and iPhones, and we’ve included links to the apps in the web page linked below.

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AvantGuard Announces 3rd Central Station

The time has come to finally announce AvantGuard’s 3rd central station! It’s big news for the team here, and we’re excited to begin the expansion process. The new location will be in Cedar City, Utah, a college town in the south of Utah, about a six hour drive from our headquarters in Ogden.

Currently, AvantGuard has locations in Rexburg, Idaho and Ogden, Utah. Each location is capable of handling the entire alarm load if the other were to lose functionality. This new location will allow AvantGuard to continue on its redundancy failover promise as our subscriber base grows.

Cedar City is home to Southern Utah University, which will provide a great resource for new operators who are looking for part time work. The decision to place the new AvantGuard central station in a small college town comes from the great success we’ve had in Ogden and Rexburg, each home to universities and college students looking for work.

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Public Security & Privacy

Our final story today is about Google’s sister company, Sidewalk Labs, who is designing street signs that inform pedestrians when they are under video surveillance, or when their personal information is being collected.

It’s an interesting move for the sister company of Google, which is arguably the organization that collects the most personal data on its users.

The purpose of the new signage is to inform people when their are being watched, providing greater transparency and allowing people to avoid those areas if they want to.

The issue though? Is there is no way for people to opt out of being recorded or having their personal information collected. It’s enough to say that simply avoiding particular streets or part of a city is not only inconvenient, but entirely out of the question.

The next move for companies, then, is to be able to collect the information responsibly, and to not leverage that publicly-available information for profit or influence without the option to opt out.

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