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The AG App Is Now LIVE 

The new AvantGuard app delivers the easiest account testing solution for your business. It gives you the tools you need to manage and service your accounts the way you want.

DIY Enabled


View your accounts how you want to. Customize your testing defaults like test duration, test type, and individually select specific zones if you want to.

In addition, you can change how you view accounts - scanning by zones, area, or device type.


avantguard monitoring app

DIY Enabled

No more having to call an operator. Test the accounts on your own time through the AvantGuard app and even see your data in real time. 

Through the app, you can follow up on tests, view test statuses, find customers near you, and customize the app to your preferences.

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When you're on the job, there's no better way to produce solutions for your customers quicker or easier.

The AvantGuard app is designed to make the testing process as quick and painless as possible, leaving you and your customers happy in the process.

Visit our help center learn how to use the AG App 

Here you will find videos and help articles for each step found in the AvantGuard App
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Find your customers easily with the GPS-enabled locating functionality. With it, all of your accounts are automatically pinpointed before you even roll out.

Multi-test Capable

Make your alarm tests as complicated as you want, or not. You have the power to choose. You can test entire zones, devices, areas and service types based on what you need.

Intuitive User Interface

We're confident that this is the best-designed app you will find in the monitoring industry. Our user-friendly app is simple to navigate and reduces the time it takes to train and learn to use.

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"From the beginning, the AvantGuard app was designed to make our customers' lives easier and more efficient.

We took the feedback from the other testing methods we support, focused on the features dealers like and added some extras.

After the hard work my team has put in, I am more than excited to unveil a tool that will help make our dealers' lives easier."

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Rich Watts
VP of Information Technology, AvantGuard

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