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Resources for Success

Mar 24, 2021 6:30:00 AM

We care about your success and the safety of your customers. But to truly care, that goes beyond providing first-rate customer service. That’s why we dedicate significant time and effort into building the most robust resource library for you to access and utilize.

What Resources are Available?

Our resource database consists of:

  • Articles
  • Webinars
  • eGuides
  • Whitepapers


We publish new content in our article database for you on a daily basis. These articles cover everything from the latest happenings in our industry, as well as AG announcements, to quick reads on ways your business can grow and succeed. For example, this article on password managers can help keep your business protected from cyberhackers. Or how our account management tools can help make account management simplified.

We encourage you to use and share these articles as you please. The sole purpose of our articles is to inform, educate and promote your business.


If you haven’t discovered them, we enjoy hosting monthly webinars with our partners to provide you with the most insightful conversations about processes and technology. And, if you miss them live, you can download and watch them later. Our webinar library has every webinar we’ve hosted available for download. We invite you to go through our webinar library to see what is available. There might be a gem in there that you missed.


Sometimes an article or ‘how-to’ just isn’t enough to fully explain a topic. eGuides take a specific topic, like how to sell your accounts and maximize their value, and examines that topic from start to finish. We have a lot of great eGuides that cover a variety of different topics ranging from how to market more efficiently to how to effectively sell products.


Whitepapers are similar to eGuides in that they take an in-depth look at a specific subject, but whitepapers are more geared towards business models backed by review studies and analysis. Our whitepapers dive into specific subjects with proof of the analysis and results. These whitepapers explore alternative methods to conducting business — and they work.

Why We Provide Resources

Our driving force is that we care. We care about your business — not only what it means to us, but also growing the relationship between your business and AG into a trustworthy partnership. It’s our commitment to serve you beyond the standard. We offer a robust library of resources because we truly want to see your business succeed.

Take advantage of our robust library of industry and AG related news, articles, webinars and other resources available through our resource center to enhance your success.  You will also discover valuable insights and content you can share with your subscribers through your website, newsletters, and emails.

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