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Account Management Tools for Dealers

Feb 21, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Account management is one of the most important aspects of your business. Having a system that is well organized and easy to access and control is paramount for a successful business.  

The Importance of Account Management 


According to Account Manager Tips, there are nine major benefits to proper account management, including:  

  1. Business Growth – Proper account management can help you identify opportunity 
  2. Strategy -  Allows you to see where your company is from a metrics standpoint and plan for the future 
  3. Consistency – Through visual data, you can see your problem areas and make changes to strive for consistency in your accounts 
  4. Diplomacy – Allows you to show decision makers what your company’s needs are  
  5. Cost reduction – You can save money discovering where your problem accounts are 
  6. Innovation -  Your data may show your business needs to change its processes or needs additional tools for success 
  7. Customer advocacy – Tied closely to cost reduction, you can see the accounts that are experiencing problems and work to resolve their issues 
  8. Credibility and trust – Not only does proper account management help your subscribers get the best service, but it also helps build trust with leadership in your business 
  9. Change Agent – In line with innovation and consistency; proper account management may show your business is in need for change  

When it comes to account management, the numbers don’t lie. According to a 2019 Gallup Poll, when businesses implement sound account management practices, their levels of revenue, and profits trend upward, while customer churn decreases. In fact, they tend to see:  

  • 50% higher revenue 
  • 34% higher profitability  
  • 63% lower customer attrition  

The My.AG Portal & The Account Management Benefits 

AvantGuard provides a number of account management tools through the My.AG portal for you to stay on top of your business. Below we highlight a few of the highly beneficial and unique tools you can take advantage of to help manage your accounts.  

Private-Label Web Access 

Being able to generate reports to keep track of your business is key. The AvantGuard Monitoring Platform gives you the ability to access all your account information from anywhere you have internet. From here, you can add permissions to others in your company, generate reports, get call recordings as well as manage your billing. The My.AG Portal is sort of a one-stop-shop for you when it comes to easy account management. 

The MLS Reporting Tool  

There are many reasons why customers cancel their service. Chief among them is selling their homes and relocating. AG’s MLS tool helps you retain your customers who move and provides the potential to gain new customers who move in.  

With early notice about customers who are selling their homes, you have the opportunity to proactively contact them and retain their business. As an added benefit, it also provides a place for contact information on all your accounts. The best part, this tool is completely free for AG dealers. 

The AG App 

Speaking of account management, we know that on the technician level, it can be stressful to manage and test accounts. The AG App is a great tool for technicians to manage accounts, put them on test, and view the history of each account all through one useful and intuitive app. 

We are constantly updating and advancing the AG App. For example, we’ve recently added integration with Google Maps, so you can locate your accounts, and even quickly pull up accounts near your current location. You can also call specific accounts right from the app without having to copy and paste the phone number. 

The Dealer Dashboard 

The icing on the account management cake is The Dealer Dashboard found in the My.AG portal. Here, you can really dive deep into your accounts to maximize your RMR. The Dealer Dashboard is filled with widgets that help make your accounts more efficient and can help you identify and work with accounts that may be lowering your RMR. 

For instance, you can use the Accounts in Run Away widget to learn which accounts are constantly receiving false alarm notifications or calling into the central station too often. By identifying “problem” accounts, you can work to make your overall account base more efficient. And that’s just one of the many ways the Dealer Dashboard can help with your account management.  

AvantGuard Account Management 

Utilizing these tools to help simplify the management of your accounts frees you up to focus more on other aspects of your business, while we focus on keeping your customers’ lives and property safe and secure. 

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