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The Case for Adding Video Monitoring to Your Services

Feb 28, 2022 10:04:48 AM

Video verification helps AG tackle one of the biggest industry hurdles — false alarm dispatches. Roughly 95% of security signals are false alarms and takes a huge toll on law enforcement, EMS and customers. Here’s how video verification raises the bar on AG’s efficiency to monitor events.

What is Video Verification

Video verification enhances the effectiveness and safety of your customer's security system. When a signal is sent to AG, a short clip of the event that triggered the alarm is sent to an AG operator. This clip helps the operator confirm or dismiss the alarm quickly and reduce false alarm dispatches.  By providing video evidence for the operator, it eliminates the guess work on whether or not to send dispatch.

The Cost of False Alarms

False alarms are more than just an inconvenience or annoyance. In fact, false alarms can cost nearly $2 billion each year for law enforcement agencies. Under certain county legislature, false alarms can also cost a significant amount for the customer. A first offense can cost anywhere from $25 - $100. Multiple repeat offenses can increase the fees to over $1,000. In the worst case, customers can be blacklisted from police dispatch or emergency services.

A Responsible Monitoring Center

Video verification is another way AG innovates to create the best experience for you and your customers. Our video verification speeds up intrusion verification, lowers false alarm dispatches and gets your customers the help they need — quickly.

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