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A Website Built for Dealers

Mar 23, 2021 12:59:06 PM

A company website is like the front of a home (at least, on the internet). At one quick glance, you can quickly tell if the website is going to be worth your time or not. In fact, according to, it takes someone .05 seconds to form an opinion on your website, and whether or not it will be useful to them. Check out the Sweor article to evaluate your website for effectiveness and appeal. AG has gone to great lengths to build a website that is intuitive and easy for you to navigate.

Website Design

We’ve created a website with you in mind. Our menus are simple and our landing pages are free of clutter. We want you to be able to get to where you need to go without having to wade through a lot of information that you don’t need.

Take our main navigation menu for example:

a website built for dealers  (1)

We don’t overwhelm you with dozens of menu options. We keep our menus short and simple to make them easy to navigate. Our website was awarded a SAMMY in 2020 for best website design recognizing its clean and intuitive design. And we do it to best serve you!

Dealer Portal

The Dealer Portal is really the central hub for all our dealers … a place where all the information you need lives in one area. You have clearly delineated logins for access to Stages, as well as a place to login for all your reporting and billing needs. And if you need help with anything, the Help Center located at the bottom of the Dealer Portal is a great tool. It provides how-to articles and videos on everything from ‘Help with Stages’ to ’How to access and manage your billing’.

The Dealer Portal also has an announcement board that we regularly update with the latest AG happenings to keep you in the loop. This includes updates to our apps, company announcements and new partnerships and integrations.


Although we’ve spoken about how our resources are different from other central stations, we want to emphasis the value of having over 600 articles and hundreds of webinars at your disposal. We encourage you to use this content in your newsletters and other promotional materials. Our webinar and resource database has a wealth of information available for download.

A Website Built for Dealers

Service is one of our “We Care F.I.R.S.T” values, and part of that service is making sure you can find everything you need on our website. We are constantly making improvements and updates to our company webpage so we can better serve you, and your customers.

Take advantage of our robust library of industry and AG related news, articles, webinars and other resources available through our resource center to enhance your success.  You will also discover valuable insights and content you can share with your subscribers through your website, newsletters, and emails.

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