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How Alarm Monitoring Company Dealers Can Benefit From Using Google Trends

Oct 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM

We like to provide helpful tips and tricks for our readers when it comes to helping their business succeed and grow. Today we are going to be discussing what Google Trends is, and how you can use it to help sell products, gain valuable SEO knowledge, and overall benefit your online search results. Let’s get started.

What is Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that provides insight on trending search topics online. You can leverage this tool, and the available information, by planning campaigns around trending topics and hopefully using seasonality to propel online sales. So, say that again, but in English?

Let’s say you look at Google Trends for the term “security alarms.” As you can see below, the end of September and the middle of May are when the terms spike. Knowing this, you can plan campaigns, sales, or other marketing materials around those times to get the most eyes on your product or service during the right time.

google trends(1)

Ways to Use Trends

What we discussed above is the most common way that Google Trends is used, but there other useful ways Google Trends can help your security business.

Related Topics

The inquiry above was for security cameras and when the search term is trending. But you can also use Google Trends to find related search terms that your readers or customers might be searching. For instance, if you are a dealer who has focus on security cameras for commercial offerings, you could consider adding metal detectors to your offerings since people are also searching for that term. This is just a one example of how Google Trends can help you navigate and discover what your customers want.

google trends 1

Seasonality by Region

We have dealers all over the country. What people are looking for in one part of the country might not be relevant to dealers in another part. Thankfully, you can narrow your search inquiries in Trends by region. You can search for trending search terms in your local region to get a better idea on just how regionalized a search topic is. You might see that cybersecurity is popular in a general Trends inquiry, but when you narrow it down to your region, it might not be as hot of a topic, or vice versa. This paints a much more specific picture of trending topics in your local area.

Use Trends for Content Creation

This works in two ways: you can use Trends to create new content depending on what is trending, and you can use the tool to help you update existing content to be more relevant. Sticking with the cybersecurity theme, there are cybersecurity breaches that happen often, and when a major story hits the news, and the term “cybersecurity” starts to trend, it can be an opportunity for content markets to curate content around the term.

If you have existing content on the theme, you can go back and update those posts to gain more SEO pull. Google loves updated content that is informative and useful to readers.

These are just a handful of the ways that you can use Google Trends to your advantage. Oberlo provides even more tips on this topic. You can also visit our articles on tips for SEO and keyword research to learn more on this topic.

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