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Home for the Holidays – Safe and Secure!

Nov 16, 2020 10:42:12 AM

You all know the song, “There’s No Place Like Home for The Holidays.” At AG Monitoring Centers, we would add the following caveat: “Especially if home safety and security measures are put in place.”

For the final stretch of 2020, we will be bringing you some valuable tips and insights regarding home safety and security as it relates to the holiday season and inviting you to share these insights with your customers.

What To Expect

We’ve already made a case for holiday security, discussing rising e-commerce sales numbers, porch pirates and home security device statistics. We’ve shared things businesses can do to enhance security, as well as the security measures you could be discussing with your commercial clients to beef up security.

The remainder of this month we’ll be sharing kitchen safety tips for those big holiday feasts and fireplace safety suggestions as temperatures plummet. We will also continue to address the increasing risk of fire hazards during the holidays along with online safety as your customers are actively browsing and shopping the internet. Watch for these articles and feel free to share them with your customers.

In December, while still in the spirit of being home for the holidays, we will shift our focus toward the wellness needs of our elders. While gatherings may be limited this year during the holidays due to COVID-19, families should take advantage of the increased interactions they have with their aging parents and grandparents. This is the perfect opportunity to assess their needs.

Adult children may notice a decline in health, mobility, or cognitive function. Some may notice a decline in their loved one’s personal hygiene or signs of depression or falling. Encourage your customers and their families to assess these things with their aging loved ones during their calls or gatherings, and determine if they are a good candidate for PERS or other services that will help them remain healthy, active, and able to age-in-place.

We look forward to providing you with tips all season long that will benefit your customers. And as we move through the season, each of these articles will be made available through our website’s resource center, along with any important product updates or announcements for you through our dealer portal. You are welcome to use some or all of this info on your website, in your newsletters, customer emails, or in any way you see fit to add value to your customer’s lives.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your customers. We wish you, your families, and your customers a safe and happy holiday season — at home for the holidays.

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