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Video Verification Assists Alarm Monitoring

Nov 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM

It’s no secret that video and audio verification tools continue to progress. As the need for this type of technology grows, experts from the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR) explain what the benefits are and why exactly it’s been held back.

The Brass Tacks

Implementing verification technology is a no brainer. Its convergence with future products and software within the security industry is inevitable. The reason? These technologies are proven to make a substantial difference in reducing false alarms, and further aiding law enforcement. This creates quicker and more efficient responses, allowing for safer communities.

So, why is this technology not implemented already? According to the former-president of PPVAR, Joey Rao-Russell, “the reality is that you have to get more than 100 million subscribers in the U.S. across residential, commercial and government to adopt the new technologies to do it. Then you have to get all of our industry to do the same thing, and to try and scale. That is a huge undertaking.”

The issues, however,  don’t stop there. There is a growing concern for personal privacy. Couple this with the possible lack of infrastructure in place to support the technology from the consumer’s end. The process of spreading this type of tech understandably takes time. Going forward, as physical security systems are outgrown and replaced, this new technology will begin to take its place, all while these concerns are addressed.

The Technology

If you’re a monitoring station operator, don’t worry, verification tech isn’t coming for your job any time soon. It will, however, work alongside professionals to identify threats and confirm alarm signals with a very low degree of error. Technology like this is capable of sorting various streams of data nearly instantaneously. Several examples include things that you are probably already familiar with.

Video and audio verification in the real world looks like deciphering auditory sounds like gunshots or glass breaking. It can confirm where people are located within a large campus. It can help detect types of weapons that are being used to commit a crime.

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