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AG Heroes | "Uncle Freddy is trying to kill us!"

Jan 5, 2016 3:23:18 PM

Milledgeville, GA–"Hello? This is June, m-my name is June!

"Is everything alright?" replied Derick, an Avantguard operator. He could hear uncontrollable sobbing in the background. 

"N-no! No!" she stammered. "My Uncle Freddy is trying to kill us!" 

Derick didn't know where Uncle Freddy was, but he knew he had to work fast."Help is on the way," affirmed Derick. Her spirits lifted by Derick's words, June began to assure the other family members in the room that police were on their way. 

Derick immediately called the local police department and calmly explained the situation. Soon after, the police arrived on scene, and Uncle Freddy was promptly apprehended. 

June and her family were unharmed thanks to their panic alarm system. They now feel safer in their small Georgia town. 

We'd like to thank the Milledgeville Police Department for saving the day, as well as the provider of June's security system. 

Names have been changed.

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