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AG Heroes | "I couldn't speak!"

Mar 1, 2016 1:59:04 PM

Brook,IN–Colby, an AvantGuard operator, received a panic alarm from Beth, a woman who has had several minor strokes in the past.

Colby asked if everything was all right, but received no discernible response from the other end of Beth's two-way PERS device. He asked again if she was in need of assistance, but still heard nothing from Beth. He also called her home phone but no one answered.

Colby immediately called Beth's list of emergency contacts. None of Beth's children answered the phone. The last contact listed was Beth's neighbor, Richard, who fortunately picked up the phone.

Richard quickly went to check on Beth. When Richard arrived at Beth's home, he could tell that something was very wrong. An ambulance was called to take Beth to the hospital.

A week later Beth called AvantGuard to thank everyone who was involved in getting her to the hospital. "I was unable to speak when I pressed my button. You definitely saved my life that day!" Beth said.

Thinking back to the unanswered call he received from Beth, Colby reflected, "Sometimes when calls come in it may seem routine because we can't see the results of our efforts. But this is a nice reminder that we do save lives here at AvantGuard every day."

We'd like to thank Colby for following correct procedures to save Beth's life. We'd also like to thank Beth's neighbor Richard, paramedics in Brook, Indiana, and the provider of Beth's PERS device.

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