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AG Heroes | "My brother needs help!"

Mar 15, 2016 1:11:08 PM

Seattle, WA–Seemah called her brother Joshua at 10:30 a.m. to check up on him. While they were chatting, Joshua slipped off his bed and found himself unable to get back on his feet.

Joshua's emergency button was out of reach, so he quickly alerted his sister that he needed help getting up. 

Seemah tried contacting family members that lived near her brother, but no one answered. In her moment of distress she remembered her own medical alert button around her neck, which she promptly pressed. 

Lucas, an AvantGuard team member, answered the call. "Seemah, this is Lucas from [central station], do you need help?" 

"Well I don't need the help, my brother needs the help!" Seemah Replied. 

After hearing about Joshua's predicament from Seemah, Lucas quickly called Joshua to get more details on his situation. Joshua said he thought was uninjured, but he couldn't find the strength to get up. Lucas assured him that help would arrive soon.

Lucas called to dispatch the paramedics, and they arrived shortly after to assist Joshua. Joshua sustained no injuries during his fall. 

We'd like to thank Lucas for his diligence and adapting to unusual circumstances to get help to Joshua. We'd also like to thank the provider of Joshua's and Seemah's medical devices, and the Seattle Paramedics.

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