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AG Heroes | "Stay with me Amber!"

Apr 8, 2016 1:01:11 PM








Pennsylvania–Connie was out doing laundry at the laundromat when she received a frightening message from her 28-year-old daughter Amber: 

Something's wrong mom. 

Amber has been fighting a rare disease for eight years. Connie knew that when Amber said something was wrong, it was serious. She immediately started heading home. 

Meanwhile, Amber was struggling to stand and her eyesight became blurred. Her speech was slurred and barely understandable. She quickly pressed her medical alert button. 

Andre, an Avantguard operator, answered the call. Amber managed to explain her symptoms and that she needed help.

Andre quickly called local paramedics, Amber's mother Connie, and even Amber's doctor. By the time Andre connected back with Amber, she was unresponsive. 

Connie arrived before the paramedics and began to perform CPR on her unconscious daughter. 

"Stay with me Amber," she sobbed. "I'm here, Amber, don't go!"

Andre stayed on the line comforting Connie and assuring her that paramedics were close. 

Amber had gone into cardiac arrest, but paramedics were able to resuscitate her on the way to the hospital. After diagnosing Amber's condition, she was transported by helicopter to a location where specialists were waiting. 

ThoughAmber spent two weeks at the hospital, her doctors were able to get her the help that she needed. 

Connie called Avantguard the next day to report that, thanks to the medical button and Andre's efforts, "Amber was able to survive." Though Amber and Connie continue to fight the rare disease, Connie commented, "It gives Amber and I great peace of mind having the emergency button." 

We'd like to thank Andre for his diligence in helping Amber's family. We'd also like to thankthe paramedics that assisted Amber and the provider of her medical alert button.


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