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AG Heroes | Managing Murphy's Law

Jun 10, 2016 3:10:04 PM

Great Falls, MT–Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong - except when AvantGuard team members are on duty. 

One Friday afternoon, a home alarm went off, and Brian, a Central Station operator responded. After connecting the call with the homeowner, no one answered.

Determined to get to the bottom of the situation, Brian called the homeowner three more times. 

Still no answer.

Determined not to waste any more time, Brain, Unaware of what was actually happening on the other end, called dispatch to send police to the home to check out the scene.

What Brian didn't know, was that Deborah, the homeowner, went into a hypoglycemic state shortly after a burglar tripped the alarm.

Explaining her condition, Deborah said, "When you go in to a hypoglycemic state, your mind just doesn't want to work."

Fortunately, the burglar was scared off by the alarm and nothing was taken. Because of Brian’s quick thinking, a police officer arrived in time to help Deborah return her blood sugar level to normal, saving her life. 

"I am happy that you reacted as fast as you did," said Deborah later in a call to say "thank you." 

"You just never expect this kind of thing to happen," said Brian in an interview, about both a burglary and medical emergency in the same situation. "It's ironic that both of these things happened at the same time. I just wanted to make sure everything got resolved." 

Thanks to Brian and the Great Falls police department, Deborah is healthy and safe.

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