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AG Heroes | "Uh...Is there a problem with my alarm?"

Dec 22, 2015 12:14:25 PM

Shelbyville, TNHello?" 

"Hi, this is Amber from central station, may I verify your name and password?" 

[long pause] 

"Uh, is there a problem?" 

"I just need to verify your name and password ma'am."

[another long pause] 

"Is there a problem with my alarm? name is Ann and the password is...uh, Lynn?" 

After the mysterious woman had given the wrong security password for the machine shop, Amber politely thanked the intruder, hung up the phone, and immediate called the Shelbyville Police Department to go check on the break-in. 

After calling police, Amber phoned Eddy, the owner of the machine shop. Eddy gave the correct password and Amber explained that a window had been broken and that various motion sensor alarms had gone off. She also told Eddy about her conversation with Ann.

Once Amber mentioned Ann, Eddy angrily explained that he had no idea who she was and that someone named Ann had tried to break in earlier in the week.They were dealing with a real intruder! 

Eddy agreed to meet the police on scene and Amber called dispatch to give them an update on the confirmed trespasser. 

Eddy was grateful to Amber and the Shelbyville Police that his business was protected and nothing was taken. Eddy's machine shop has been free of alarm activity since the break-in. We'd also like to thank the provider of Eddy's alarm system.

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