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AG Heroes | One More Week to Say Goodbye

Dec 22, 2015 12:11:33 PM

Plymouth, IN–Jane, an elderly woman, was alone at home when she suddenly slipped and fell in her kitchen. Jane was unable to get up, but she remembered the 2-way medical device her children had purchased for her. She pushed the button to call for help. 

AvantGuard operator Patrick answered Jane's distressed call. Jane frantically explained her situation to Patrick and he promptly called paramedics and Jane's family. Patrick tun waited on the phone with Jane until help arrived. EMS quickly arrived and got Jane back on her feet and on with her day. 

Three hours later, Jane stumbled and fell again! This time, AvantGuard operator Heather took the call. Once again, dispatch was called, the family was updated, and Heather waited on the line with Jane. While waiting for paramedics, Jane lost consciousness. Medical personnel arrived shortly after and revived Jane. She was then transported to the hospital. It was a frightening ordeal for Jane and her family. 

Two weeks later, Jane's daughter Susan called AvantGuard to inform them that her mother had passed away. Susan expressed heartfelt gratitude for the service Patrick and Heather provided. If it was not for Jane's device, and the operators' assistance, the family would not have had that extra week to enjoy Jane's company and say their goodbye's. That week was one the whole family will always cherish. 

Heather remembers, "I'm so glad we got Jane extra time with her family. It makes my job so rewarding to hear stories like this one!" 

We'd like to thank Plymouth Fire Department and Plymouth Paramedics for their diligent response and for the provider of Jane's medical device.

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