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AG Heroes | Trouble at Church

Jul 24, 2015 2:44:04 PM

Salem, OR–"I don't need it! I'm not that old and I'm doing fine!" Such was Mary's emphatic reply when her son tried to convince her to buy an mPERS device. After much persuasion she hesitantly purchased a device at end of May 2015. 

It was during a dinner at the church near her home that Mary had an anxiety attack and began to have trouble breathing. "I don't do well around large groups with lots of chatter and noise." Mary explained. In her panic, she remembered her new pendant, which she immediately pressed. AvantGuard operator, Ashley, answered the signal. 

"Do you need help?" Ashley questioned. Mary was having difficulty breathing and could hardly talk. She managed to tell the address of the church and a description of what she was wearing so that the paramedics could identify her in the crowd. 

Ashley immediately called paramedics to help Mary. Ashley also notified Mary's son of the situation, and he quickly went to the scene and stayed with his mother until help arrived. 

Currently doing well at home, Mary is truly grateful for her medical device and the service that Ashley provided. She's glad she made the decision to buy her mPERS device and won't hesitate to recommend it to others. 

We'd like to thank the provider of Mary's device as well as the Salem paramedics for helping Mary in her time of need.

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