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AG Heroes | Teamwork Saves Recycling Plant

Jul 31, 2015 3:26:38 PM

Roseville, CA–Even the best of heroes benefit from teamwork. Sims Recycling Solution was a beneficiary of great teamwork when a fire alarm came in on June 20, sending AG operators, Josie and Jacquline into action. 

Josie received a fire alarm signal for Sims Recycling Solutions and swiftly dispatched the fire department. Six seconds later, Jacquline, who was seated right next to Josie, took over the alarm and began notifying the contacts of the situation. She quickly reached the primary contact, Rick, who immediately left to check things out. 

"If we hadn't worked as a team, it would have taken a lot longer for help to arrive and more property could have been lost," Jacquline said  

Jaquline updated Rick with new developments. She was appreciative when Josie helped her keep everyone calm and informed. 

"We all help each other and we're all a team," Josie said. 

Rick advised that after quite a bit of clean up, the facilities for Sims Recycling Solutions are back up and running productively. 

"AvantGuard teaches you to treat every alarm like it's your property, home or family," Jacquline said. 

We'd like to thank the provider of the fire alarm system and the Roseville police department for acting swiftly.

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