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AG Heroes | "There's so much smoke!"

Apr 10, 2015 11:14:19 AM

Winchester, TN–Chris, an Avantguard Operator, received what seemed to be a common heat sensor alarm from Dorothy's Tennessee home. As he called her residence to see if all was well, he quickly learned that it was not the case. 

With a blaring smoke alarm in the background, Chris could hear Dorothy wheezing heavily and struggling to communicate on the other end of the phone. "I...had a...pot on the stove and I left to take my treatment and... now there's so much smoke!" Dorothy managed to say. 

Dorothy had suffered respiratory problems in the past, and with so much smoke it could have proved fatal. Chris didn't hesitate to instruct Dorothy to go outside away from the smoke. He then immediately called the fire department. 

The fire department found Dorothy coughing outside her smoke-filled home. They were able to medically assist Dorothy and managed to clear out the smoke from her home. Dorothy has reported that she is doing well and is truly grateful for Chris's assistance. 

We'd like to thank Chris, Winchester City Fire Department, and the provider of Dorothy's alarm system for saving the day.

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