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AG Heroes | "Send Someone, He's Been Stabbed"

Apr 21, 2015 6:05:13 PM

Highland, CA–Courtney, AvantGuard operator, received a medical alarm for Greg. Only it wasn't Greg who answered the other end. A female voice answered the call in a frenzied panic,"He's been stabbed! Greg's been stabbed! Send an ambulance, quick!" It was Tammy, Greg's in-home care nurse, that had pressed his medical eResponder. 

Courtney calmly responded that help would be on the way soon and proceeded to call dispatch. 

After calling dispatch, Courtney called back and notified Tammy that paramedics were en route. By this time, more people had congregated around Greg, who was falling in and out of consciousness. The room was filled with hectic chatter. All were wondering how it happened or who had done it. Courtney continued to help calm everyone down. "The call was nerve-racking and chaotic," remembers Courtney,"but it's always important to keep people calm." 

An ambulance arrived just in time to save Greg's life. Remarkably, after suffering multiple knife wounds, Greg is doing well in the hospital. The person suspected of stabbing Greg in his home, has been apprehended and is in custody. 

Thanks to Courtney's calm, quick response Greg is alive today. We'd also like to thank the provider of Greg's eResponder and Highland City Paramedics.

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