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AG Heroes | AG Operator Saves Man from Walking into Traffic

Apr 29, 2015 2:10:15 PM

Jacksonville, AR–Sam answered a signal from a middle-aged man named Charles. Charles was at the edge of a busy road, considering stepping into traffic and ending his life. 

Immediately, Sam recognized the seriousness of the situation and knew he had to keep Charles on the line. Sam began asking Charles questions to determine his exact location and how to help identify him. Sam enlisted another operator's assistance in dispatching the proper authorities to quickly get help to Charles. 

While a deputy was sent out to assist, Sam showed great care and heroism by keeping Charles thinking about other things instead of what originally weighed down his mind. Sam and Charles spoke about pets, cars, travels around the country and interesting facts. Sam recalls, "I'm glad he stayed on the curb and listened to me. Things to talk about just popped in my head." 

Reflecting on the experience and the help the subscriber would receive, Sam said, "I really hope this will change his life, he was talking about all the things he has done, and the people he's lost. He is a kind soul, and can do great things with his life." 

Thanks to Sam's quick thinking and patience he was able to occupy Charles until help arrived. 

We'd like to thank the provider of Charles' mPERS device and the Jacksonville police department for coming to Charles's aid.

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