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AG Heroes | AG Operator Helps Unconscious Man

May 27, 2015 3:46:26 PM

Latham, NY–Sometimes life happens so suddenly that it's impossible to react. Such an instance occurred to Ciro one evening. 

Ninety-four years-old and alone, Ciro had eaten very little for several days. When his son Edward came to visit, Ciro had passed out on the floor and was bleeding from the fall. 

Unable to get his father off the floor, Edward quickly pressed Ciro's PERS button to call for help."My father is delirious, he hasn't eaten in days and there's blood! We need EMS!" 

James, an Avantguard operator, took the call. As with all emergency situations, James knew that the first priority is getting help on the way. "That was my focus." remembers James,"Get him help as soon as possible." After hearing of Ciro's condition James calmly advised Edward that help was on the way. 

James called dispatch, which arrived in a few short minutes to transport Ciro safely to the hospital. Ciro's family were truly grateful for James' quick response. 

"The thing I like most about my job," commented James, "is that we really do help people in need." 

We'd like to thank Loudonville, New York EMS for the timely and safe transport of Ciro, and the provider of Ciro's PERS device. 

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