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AG Heroes | Hero Helps Desperate Couple

Jun 8, 2015 12:14:02 PM

Tampa, FLIt was 12:18 am when Jeff, an AvantGuard operator, answered the medical alarm for Kathlene.

"My husband is in bed and he's foaming at the mouth. He looks gray!" Kathlene said in a frenzy as she described her husband Bobby's condition. 

Jeff followed his action plan with focused adrenaline and immediately contacted EMS, taking control of the call and alerting the operator that time was of the essence.

Jeff contacted Kathlene's daughter with the paramedic update, offering his support. Central Station later received an update from Kathlene. Her husband had been in the middle of a seizure and she was incredibly grateful for the promptness of the paramedics.

"It was really cool that we could tell her that our thoughts were with her," Jeff commented. "There were several people working that night that were concerned about Kathlene and her husband." 

Jeff's story is a wonderful example that compassion is a powerful part of heroic action. 
We'd like to thank the Hillsborough County EMS for responding quickly to aid Bobby, and the provider of Kathlene's medical device. Thanks to teamwork that night, Bobby is currently doing well and recovering at home.

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